In 2016, Jonathane Michael Ricci incepted Archimedes 13 Management, and this company is also known as A13MG. Since its inception, Jonathane has been closely associated with this organization. The organization offers portfolio and asset management services to businesses, high net worth individuals, and family estates. The organization also provides Trust Management Services. The headquarter of A13MG is in Toronto, Canada; however, the company offers services globally. A13MG operates with the highest level of confidentiality, and hence it helps you establish trust with the company. Jonathane personally looks into the clients, and he ensures that the highest level of services is followed.

Before the inception of Archimedes 13 Management Group, Jonathane Michael Ricci was associated with a law firm called Xafira Law Professional Corporation. This company was also in Toronto, and during his tenure with the law firm, he offered legal advice to many big names in the corporate industry. He had clients in Canada & United States. This also helped him form an extensive network. The area of expertise included real estate, asset protection, wealth planning, and other similar areas.
Jonathane Michael Ricci understands the basics of law, and he also understands the implications of not papering transactions properly. He is also a management expert in implementing procedures, optimizing them, and ensuring compliance. Jonathane also has expertise in professional management services, tax optimization and asset & wealth protections, and can help with strategies. With his knowledge, Jonathane has helped many organizations reach new heights. Read about Jonathane Ricci at EliteĀ 

Jonathane Michael Ricci started his career in 1999, and his first job was with KPMG. KPMG is a Big four, where he began gaining experience in corporate governance and other work areas. This was the turning point for Jonathane, and from here, he started taking more interest in tax planning.

From 2003 to 2009, Jonathane was a partner with Juroviesky and Ricci LLP. This organization also offered class action services along with commercial litigation. The company provided other litigation services to the clients as well. The service area included banking, employment, consumer protection, insurance, financial, security litigation, and price fixing.

One such popular organization founded by Jonathane is National Class Action Services. This company was incepted in 2008 and was associated with class action services. NCAS offered class action services in different areas and took care of claims administration, notification services, call center management, and media buying.

Similarly, Jonathane also incepted Canada Claims Management. He co-founded this company, which was way back in 2010. CCM offers portfolio management and monitoring services, claim assistance services, and class action consulting.

Jonathane Michael Ricci

Jonathane Michael Ricci is a lawyer, entrepreneur, and business consultant. He also offers management services through the A13MG group. This group is also popularly known as Archimedes 13 Management. Jonathane is also associated with Art Escrow Services, a very reputed organization. These two companies help corporates and individuals with portfolio and asset management services. Jonathane also provides tax optimization services through these companies. Jonathane was also the founder/co-founder of National Class Action Services & Canada Claims Management. Find out more about Jonathane Michael Ricci on this page.